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Watch Out For Fake Nandos Royalty Cards On Ebay

Those of you who’ve been tempted to buy Nandos loyalty cards off eBay keep in mind that many of these cards have been stamped with fake stamps. Yes you can buy cloned stampers from ebay, or are simply inside jobs from rogue employees. Check out this posting on eBay by a possible Nandos manager. Click here for the link.

Be careful and remember if you’re a real Nandos fan and you love your chicken, you’ve most likely spent good money getting enough stamps on your card to redeem that whole chicken. Why would you sell it on for such measly sums of money.

20% Off Nandos For All NHS Staff

For all of you working for the NHS just remember that a flash of your id card can get you 20% off your meal. Enjoy!

Nandos Garlic Bread & Drink Voucher

Ok so it’s a bit of an odd voucher but it entitles you to one garlic bread serving with a soda of your choice for just $2.99. Enjoy! This voucher is valid in Canada only and expires on the 21st April 2010.

1/4 Chicken + Fries, Rice Or Salad Coupon

Ok here’s another great voucher from nandos offering a 1/4 chicken with fries, rice or salad for just $5.99. Print out the coupon and take it with you to redeem the offer. This voucher is valid in Canada only and expires on the 13th February 2010.